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One-Of-A-Kind Way to Prepare for Your Financial Future 

Swipe for Education in Dallas, Texas creates a unique way for you to spend money wisely without compromising your needs and wants. Using our credit card rewards program, you can use your expenditures to earn points that you can use for your educational plans.

How Swipe for Education (SFE) Works? 

The points you earn or save are specifically used for educational pursuits. If, say, your child needs a tutorial lesson, you can use your points so you won’t have to pay in cash. This is because once you get a membership, it entitles you to find the right educational organization in the future.

We have partnered with a network of colleges and institutions that can offer you discounts when you are preparing to enter a university. Points can also be used for future college attendance.

If you have finished your college degree, you can still use the points to find an educational coach who will provide consulting services.

Accumulate Points

You can earn points by using the card at participating merchants. You may also buy points or join SFE Days at participating merchants for extra points.

Redeem Points

Cardholders can donate points to education-related charities. You may also use the points to spend on books and technology-related materials. Some participating educational institutions also offer tuition discounts in exchange for reward points.


A cardholder’s account is blocked from further usage when:

  • There Are Collections and Charge-Offs
  • The Member Is Deceased or Bankrupt
  • Card Is Lost, Stolen, or Went Under Fraud

Educational Institutions 

We will develop a list of participating schools for our members. Each school will provide a full scholarship per year to incent consumers to participate in the program for a chance to win.

In addition to the dollars saved for tuition, cardholders may also enjoy 5%-10% off from tuition fees.

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